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Third Party Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment helps in identifying and evaluating and controlling risks related to the organization’s objectives.

What We Do

With the advent of new rules and regulations internationally and adoption of new business models, the need for regulatory compliance has significantly increased. Any organization small or big have to comply with these regulatory and compliance requirements nationally or internationally to comply with industry best practices and increased customer confidence.

Establishing a regulatory compliance is not the end of the job, rather an organization has to adapt to the continually evolving regulations and maintain them. One of the main processes of any Regulatory compliance requirement is a comprehensive Risk Assessment. Risk Assessment helps in identifying and evaluating and controlling risks related to the organization’s objectives.

How We Do Our Assessment

We identify the business requirement and the business units in scope.

We identify the key processes.

We review your regulatory and compliance-related policies and procedures related to these processes.

We interview key personnel and asset owners within your organization.

We perform gap analysis and review existing policies and procedures.

We review the existing metrics which are used as part of Governance.

We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment based on the identified scope.

We provide a comprehensive report detailing the risks identified and the necessary remediation controls.

We also support customers in remediation of the identified gaps based on our findings and help them enhance their policies and procedures and security controls as per the compliance requirements.

The Benefits

  • Identifies compliance gaps in your existing environment and reports your current posture related to the compliance requirements.
  • Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence in how you manage risk.
  • Allows you to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations.
  • Reduces the chances of information Security incidents related to data breach etc.
    Provides increased confidence for better business decisions.
    Save money by focusing on effective controls and appropriate levels of protection.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Planning is the act of proactively working out a way to prevent, if possible, and manage the consequences of a disaster, limiting it to the extent that a business can afford.

What We do

Business entities today exist in a highly competitive world. They are constantly innovating to meet their business objectives of providing essential and unique services to their customers. Technology advances have enabled them to achieve their varied strategies. And yet, the threats of disaster, on account of business interruption, are not extinct – in fact, they have also evolved along with the technology.

Business interruption does happen – but what is of significance is, how much of the consequences of such interruptions can the business afford?

How We Do Our Assessment

There are various threats and vulnerabilities to which business today is exposed. They could be Catastrophic events such as floods, earthquakes, or acts of terrorism.

Some of them come unwarned. Most of them never happen. The key is to be prepared and be able to respond to the event when it does happen so that the organization survives; its losses are minimized; it remains viable and it can be “business as usual”, even before the customers feel the effects of the downtime.

Accidents or sabotage.

Outages due to an application error, hardware or network failures.

An effective Business Continuity Plan serves to secure businesses against financial disasters. The bonus — customer satisfaction, enhanced corporate image and no dip in the market share.

The Benefits

  • A set of measures to prevent disasters
  • A BCP operational team, trained to handle the situation
  • A plan that provides a roadmap when disaster strikes
  • Action plan to indicate what needs to be for each incident

Policy Development

Meet IT governance and assessment needs

What We do

In addition to engaging and consulting with customers for ISO 27001, ANN Systems also has developed the policy templates to meet the IT governance needs of our client institutions.

The Benefits

  • Develop policies based on company’s goals and internal controls
  • Provide clarity to employees on the do’s and don’ts for any ongoing functions
  • Establish responsibility and accountability among the various stakeholders involved in any assignment

Control Reviews

Better control, simpler management

What We do

Every day, during the normal course of our lives, we encounter numerous controls or safeguards. Whether your place of work requires an identification badge or a key fob, a password to log onto your computer or an access code to use a copier, controls are a way of life.

How We Do Our Assessment

Identifying the internal control objectives relevant to the organization.

Reviewing pertinent policies and procedures and the documentation standards for each.

Discussing controls with the appropriate levels of personnel.

Observing the control environment.

Sharing findings, concerns, and recommendations with senior management and/or the board of directors.

Testing transactions as appropriate.

Determining that the organization has taken timely corrective action on weaknesses that were identified.

The Benefits

  • To protect and safeguard your company from being victimized
  • To improve your processes to obtain greater efficiencies and become more effective at each level of the organization