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With the old strategies, it becomes a challenge to attain new business heights. Similarly applications, systems, solutions and products developed in outdated technologies cannot help in addressing varying business needs. To seize more business opportunities, AAN Systems updates your legacy applications in terms of design as well as development.

Our application in re-engineering compensates performance of existing applications and solutions to make them more business efficient. We reenergize them with cutting-edge re-development by using advanced features, functionalities, architecture, technology, language, framework, platform etc. Obtain potential customer base by re-developing more stable, flexible, robust, user friendly and dynamic solutions.

At AAN Systems, we provide continual software engineering services that include:

Analyzing : The customer’s existing applications are examined for re –engineering.
Identifying : Identify a strategic solution that involves defining the target architecture.
Executing : Administrate the project using reverse engineering and forward engineering.
Implementing : The solution is put into action through data migration, system testing, user training and support.

You can stay focused on your goals while we provide you with solutions concerning re-engineering.

The process of rethinking and redesigning existing IT infrastructure to better suit the changing industry needs is re-engineering. Legacy systems, which have been in use for a long duration, would have systems that may not be suited for today’s marketplace. AAN Systems works with companies that need support in reengineering their existing systems and upgrade to more productive systems that keeps them aligned to the current trends.