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We provide one stop services for your cloud transition, with a holistic approach that starts from the strategic and then progresses into day-to-day operations

Migrating to the cloud can help you save time and money. Aan System is here for all of our customers’ needs, whether they are looking into progressive migration initiatives or want reliable partners who will take care every step in their journey so that it’s easy peasy!

The cloud is an unparalleled innovation that can help your organization achieve its goals. We specialize in helping businesses migrate to the next generation of technology, with careful attention paid towards optimizing every step along this journey and making sure you’re getting what matters most out it.

The Aan system team understands your business needs and offers a customized approach to cloud migration. We’ll help you choose the right provider, optimize infrastructure for maximum efficiency in both old and new providers’ services while making sure there is minimal risk involved with any transition process – all under guidance from experienced experts who have done this before!

Your success depends upon it! Contact us to know more about our Cloud Migration Services.

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Years experience
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VMs migrated
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Critical steps in your cloud migration journey

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    Application Migration

    Our expert engineers and dedicated teams helps your migration and modernization initiatives, Evaluate goals and adopt the best fit approach: Rehost, Refactor, Replatform, Rearchitect, Rebuild, or Replace.

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    Infrastructure Migration

    Build an optimal cloud infrastructure that provides the foundation for scalability, security, availability, and agility. Automate infrastructure management and monitor the cloud implementation with powerful tools.

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    Storage Migration

    Migrate data to the cloud with zero security lapses and without any loss of data integrity. Disentangle data to overcome data gravity, thus leading to optimal & advantageous migration outcomes

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    Platform Migration

    Move to an evolved cloud platform to accelerate your planned business goals. Avoid vendor lock-ins and related other complexities to ensure you maximize the return-on-investment(s) from your initiatives

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    Deliver Migration Solutions

    From assessing your business requirements to repurposing dated resources, our tech leaders and engineering teams meticulously follow an exhaustive process for all stages of our business engagement.

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    Cloud Migration Services

    Organizations prefer our superior services and rely upon us not just to migrate, but also to build a cloud-first and software-driven culture. In the journey, we become strategic partners in our clients’ growth.


Unlock Cloud Benefits with our Cloud Migration Services

  • No Business Disruptions

    Ensure Business as Usual (BaU) and maintain a standard customer experience during migration. Our extensive experience in successfully migrating mission critical workloads means that activities are on time, within budget, and with minimal business disruptions.

  • Adherence to Cloud Best Practices

    Personalized migration services from our qualified cloud experts, who’s years of experience migrating complex difficult projects; enjoy implementation of industry best practices meeting governance mechanisms with n/w optimization, automation, & testing benchmarks

  • Implementation of DevOps

    Utilize our DevOps thinking to integrate DevOps into the cloud migration journey. To help you get the most out of cloud initiatives, our DevOps best practises create a seamless operations ecosystem backed by IaC, automation tools, and CI/CD pipelines.

  • Profit Results in a Shorter Period

    With battle-tested frameworks and boilerplates, you will achieve your goals faster. This means that the setup is fast and that running costs are low. Certified cloud engineers speed up production by avoiding long learning curves and narrowing the migration process.

  • Governance & Intelligence

    With our “Shift-Left” attitude, you will get cutting-edge protection and World-class governance standards. You can prevent data losses and comply with country specific and global standards of regulatory criteria such as HIPAA, PSI, GDPR, and many more.

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