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Aan Systems puts a strong emphasis on transforming learners into job-ready employees by the end of certification programs. Not only does it open up opportunities for all our learners, but it also makes it easy for them to crack those interviews without breaking a sweat.

We believe that learners must first be well-equipped with the essential skills and competencies the industry is looking for. In a way, we help our learners prepare right from the start when their course begins. With good knowledge and a strong foundation, they are not only well-trained to face real-world challenges in the job environment, but also able to easily fit in high-paying positions at top companies.

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Why do you need Cybersecurity trainings?

The world is a more dangerous place than ever before, and your employees need to be trained on how they can keep themselves safe. Aan Systems provides employee training programs that incorporate the most advanced security techniques available so you don’t have worry about hackers penetrating those walls or ceilings!

The majority of organizations are undergoing a major shift in how they approach security. The use and importance has changed from an “everyone’s guilty until proven innocent” perspective, to one where employees must be trained on what it means for them personally so that their personal information is protected properly. This includes FISMA regulations by the Department Of Defense as well Sarbanes-Oxley corporate governance standards set out through accounting firm CPAs Global Data Protection guidelines (HIPAA), CCPA data privacy laws across Europe including GDPR which was introduced last year but will become law soon after Brexit goes into effect next month – not just here at home.

A world-class training infra for online & offline trainings

We provide both on-site and online courses that cover the most advanced techniques to expose weaknesses in computer systems before they can be exploited by malicious software or hardware attacks; this way we help improve overall employee security while also educating them about current threats so they know what actions should take if something does happen!

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    With over a decade of experience in the information systems and technology domain, our trainers are certified technical and management consultants with industry exposure. Our trainers are dynamic communicators with excellent presentation skills, experienced enough to translate complex concepts into understandable terms using creative teaching methods. All of them possess proven track records of preparing employees/teams to produce quality work across a variety of fields and roles/responsibilities with a focus on Cybersecurity/IS Training, Cyber Security Audits, assessments and certifications. Most of them hold good knowledge in the fields of business management, sales management, corporate strategy, enterprise GRC, security engineering, IT/IS Audits, corporate security governance, disaster recovery and business continuity etc.