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CISA Training & Certification


About CISA?

CISA is a renowned certification in the field of IT. The certification gives you an IT auditor’s perspective when looking at IT systems. The certification is suitable for professionals working in IT Audit. The CISA certification, as its name implies, is about the audit of information systems. The CISA certification levels up your security skills and can help you land a great job. Due to the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, a candidate with either certification would be highly valued. The CISA is a vendor-neutral certification and is critically important for validating your IT security credentials. CISA certification is highly regarded by the industry. So, it comes down to the kind of job being sought in the cybersecurity field – in IT audit.

The demand for certified security experts is ever-increasing across the Globe. Hence, the average salaries for executives/engineers with this certification are much higher across the World. As far as standard salary goes, certified CISAs make between $53K – 122K. In today’s job market, If you look for a job as an IT auditor – a CISA certification is a must.

Aan Systems puts a strong emphasis on transforming learners into job-ready employees by the end of certification programs. Not only does it open up opportunities for all our learners, but it also makes it easy for them to crack those interviews without breaking a sweat.

We believe that learners must first be well-equipped with the essential skills and competencies the industry is looking for. In a way, we help our learners prepare right from the start when their course begins. With good knowledge and a strong foundation, they are not only well-trained to face real-world challenges in the job environment but also able to easily fit in high-paying positions at top companies.


CISA Curriculum

At Aan Systems, we cover total ISACA prescribed CISA Curriculum as follows:
Domain % of Exam What It Will Test
1 Process of Auditing Information Services 21% You will be asked to provide audit services that comply with standards that protect and control information.
2 Governance and Management of Information Technology 16% You will need to demonstrate that you can delegate responsibilities among professionals to ensure information security. 
3 Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation 18% You will need to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met regarding its information systems strategy. 
4 Information Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Service Management 20% Assure that the processes for these areas support the organization’s objectives. 
5 Protection of Information Assets 25% Assure the organization that its information will maintain its integrity, confidentiality and accessibility.
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