Hospital Information System verticalised on Microsoft Business Solution- Navision ERP


To address the growing need for extended workflow and rapid administration at super-specialty hospitals, built a  Hospital Information System based on the power of Navision ERP.


  • Convergence of information technology, clinical processes, advanced medical preparedness and business processes in an integrated solution
  • Workflow improvements and enhanced efficiency to deliver quality healthcare services
  • Reduced patient turnaround time resulting in increased Revenues
  • Transparent processes that critical to meeting medico-legal requirements
  • Ease of access of health records by patients (radiology reports, CT scans, blood test reports, ECGs, MRIs)
  • Enhanced comfort levels for doctors who can now check and compare a patient’s past record with current medical reports on their PCs, as records, recommendations and diagnosis are available in a digitized format.

Modules implemented

Following are some of the modules implemented as part of Navision solution :

  • IN patient/outpatient registration
  • Nursing station
  • Patient records
  • Doctors appointment
  • Diagnostics
  • Billing
  • Stores and inventory
  • Purchase
  • Integrated accounts package


The implementation was completed in 6 months .