Information Security Certifications and Training

ISAC is a non-profit organization committed to securing the cyber space of the nation by providing credible platforms for Information Sharing & capacity development. With various inclusive platforms and outreach programs, ISAC provides certifications based on universally accepted IT Security and business practices to help ensure your success in the global marketplace. ISAC Certifications are recognised & accepted by various Government, Law Enforcement & Intelligence agencies.

Adaptable Delivery

Intelligent content delivery that corresponds to learners comprehension.

Engaging Curriculum

Reinforcing and continues learning with review materials, e-books micro-lessons, and ad-hoc messages.

Learning Intelligence

Best in class analytics to manage learning program at branch and company levels.

Innovative Training

Best in class software to train employees, clients, and partners.

SAAS Enabled

SAAS or On-premise single user instance options for added flexibility.

Progressive Testing

Smart testing for weighted questions and historical score tracking.

Multiformat Content

Provisions for audio, video, text, PPT slides and Gamified content and many more.

Communications Engine

Video conferring, one-on-one, and group, chat enabled for instantaneous communication.

Enterprise Class

Handles a large number of users and several courses over hetrogenious infrastructures.