Technology Auditing, Reporting, and Management Tools for the Windows File System and Active Directory

At Visual Click, our goal is to help IT professionals stay on top of their file system, Active Directory, and eDirectory administration. Our primary focus is improving their network security by taking the hassle out of management and documentation.

We pride ourselves in building personal relationships with each and every one of our customers. Our team based in Austin, Texas strives to provide our customers the right tools, to assist in each step of implementation, and to partner with them to develop new features based on their ever-changing needs.

Managing your network isn’t easy. In order to keep it robust and secure, constant review and action is needed. Documenting user activity and managing Active Directory is time consuming. It’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.

File System Administration

Quickly document user and/or group NTFS effective and share permissions. Discover file ownership throughout your shared disk space. Manage NTFS security permissions. Add, Remove, Copy, and Modify explicit trustee permissions.

Active Directory Reporting Tools

Report on users, groups, computers, permissions. Make sure your Active Directory object attributes match your enterprise standard. Find accounts that are locked, disabled, expired or unused for x days.

Active Directory Management Tools

Automate common Active Directory management tasks. Automatically synchronize your Student Information System (SIS) to Active Directory. Create/Import/Update users, groups and computers.

Server File Activity Auditing

Audit who is creating, accessing, moving, and deleting your files and folders. Track file permission changes. Real-time alerts about critical file activities. Detect and contain malicious file activity (i.e. Ransomware behavior, mass file deletions, etc.).

Active Directory Change Auditing

Keep audit logs and get real-time alerts of important Active Directory changes without dealing with SACLs or Windows Event Logs. Separate module for GPO audit – Track creation, deletion, and linking of GPOs.

AD Management Delegation

Provide users with the ability to perform help desk tasks or simple management of Active Directory without elevated Domain Admin rights. Audit log created of who is changing what.

Workstation File Activity Auditing

Audit who is copying files to USB or other removable drives. Track who is uploading files from a browser. Email alert when a removable device is connected. Block files from being copied to a removable device.

Server Authentication Auditing

Audit authentications into Windows Servers and Citrix sessions. Review all failed logon attempts. Detect and contain malicious failed logon activity.

Workstation Logon/Logoff Auditing

Get visibility on workstation logons/logoffs, including locks, unlocks and password changes. Review all failed logon attempts.