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ReachLogix BPO Services

At Aan Systems we have a very well-engineered framework that uses latest and innovative technologies along with traditional process in order to deliver seamless and hassle-free outsourcing experience to our customers across various verticals.

BPO Services can be both operational as well as non-operational. Operational BPO Services include tasks like Order Fulfilment, Digital Campaigns, Help Desk, and Customer Support. Non-Operational BPO Services include tasks like HR, Finance, and Legal. In-house BPO Services are managed by an internal team within the company which in most of the cases can be outsourced in part or full depending on the cultural practices of the organization.

We also offer a wide range of digital marketing and advertising services that can help our customers to promote their products and services in a very effective manner.

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Choosing to Out-Source?

For small companies, outsourcing may be the only way they can get access to these services due to lack of resources. Larger organizations tend to outsource as a complement to their existing teams or when they want to increase speed to market. No matter what the goals are for outsourcing, we will tailor a program that best fits your needs and provides the highest ROI. We have a team of experts that are ready to help you achieve your outsourcing goals. Contact us today to get started!


Various Outsourced Business Processes

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    Order Fulfillment Solutions

    To creating demand with campaigns and content, We Create & fulfill demand by creating and distributing campaign materials/flyers/white-papers etc.

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    Email Campaign Solutions

    Sending Cold/Warm emails to specific target audience matching interest(s) and running Subscriber based email campaigns in pre-planned frequency(s)

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    RFP/RFI/Proposal Management Solutions

    Help you answer RFI/RFP and manage PROPOALS systematically along with tracking entire lead end-to-end

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    Social Media/Digital Marketing

    ♦ Web-sites
    ♦ Landing-Pages,
    ♦ Flyers/Banners, SEO, PPC,
    ♦ Info-graphics, Videos

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    Survey/Feed-back Management Solutions

    Help you research about selling points, design and launch Surveys with right question to right target audience sand Gathering valuable Feedbacks

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    Webinar and Event Support Solutions

    Help in Designing Audience specific Webinars, Setting up & Conducting Webinars; Soliciting Participation to promote your product/service/events

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