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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do you use automated calling?

No. We have our BDR’s that make the calls for the specified target market.

How often the Data is refreshed?

The data is refreshed in real-time because there is no manual intervention, thanks to technology

Do you provide Data Cleansing Service?

Yes, we make sure the data is up-to date and accurate. Our professional team can customize a template that best suits your CRM needs so you get more out of it!

I need to run a one-time calling campaign for my upcoming webinar may be for a day or two. Would you do that for us? Or I have a lead list. Can you dial them and share some specific info about our services (One-time)?

Yes. We can work on one-time calling campaigns as per your requirement. Please contact us and let us know your requirement.

What is your KPI for Demand Generation?

With our diverse array of services, we are able to produce anywhere between 10-15 appointments a month for all our clients. This can vary sometimes depending on the complexity, size and scope services/solutions being promoted.

How will you share the progress?

Once you sign up your customer success manager sets up a weekly call to get you updates.

Do I have to sign a contract for a specific period?

The good news is that you can go as low a month. But we recommend trying our service for at least 3 months, since it takes time to see results and there’s no harm in giving yourself more than what seems necessary!

How does the Demand Generation really work?

We use an innovative approach that has produced amazing results for our clients. We combine the best of both worlds – technology and old-fashioned cold calling techniques, supported by strong communication across channels.

What is the USP of your Service?

We work only with technology companies grow their sales pipeline by finding qualified leads. With our proprietary database, we track more than 10+ million active records maintained over a period of time. It is our ultimate value-add to our customers to find qualified leads! Our advanced AI and RPA tools allows us to find potential prospects quickly which will increase your sales pipeline exponentially.

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