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Cyber Security – a look at facts, problems and solutions.

Cybercrimes are a rising threat to everyone. While most of our lives and livelihoods have become data-centric now it becomes our prime objective to protect all of our information, systems and networks from hackers lurking around. Covid-19 did affect banks in the sense that the impact of this pandemic contributed to a 23% increase in cyberattacks on banks in just 2020. Also because of every job becoming a ‘work from home’ natured jobs, remote workers have become soft targets for cybercriminals. 

Another ravishing fact that we have to pay more attention to make sure cyberattacks do not happen anymore we must ensure that there are more resources and planning that go into cybersecurity as 95% of the attacks happen due to human errors. Hackers attack systems and networks every 39 seconds. In Fact in the early half of 2020, 36 billion records of data were exposed due to breaches.

Stability and Expertise

It is a worrisome fact that around $20 billion of damage has been incurred by the global market so far due to cyberattacks. There are many factors that contribute largely to this. Mainly the advancement in IoT tech that is being adapted everywhere and also with the advent of 5G the telecommunication industry is expected to see a surge in the number of attack cases. 

People usually fall prey to such attacks when they make themselves vulnerable. Most data that is stolen is done through phishing which accounts for more than 75% of attacks while the rest of the causes being DDoS(Distributed Denial-of-Service), malware and so on. The challenges in cybersecurity are still more and because that barrier isn’t broken yet we still fall prey to cyberattacks.

Every year there is more spent on cybersecurity that protect’s every organisation’s and individual’s data scattered all over the internet. It is expected that soon cybercrime costs will hit a whopping amount of $6 trillion which reflects as an average spend of $2,691 per employee globally. There is also great demand for resources and personnel to work on cybersecurity. There are still around 2 million open positions in this field that are dedicated to protect us all electronically but because of the complexity and expertise that these jobs require they become hard to be filled. The market is filled with expensive solutions that are either too costly or not serving the right cause. 

Reduced Risk, Leveled Playing Field

Whereas ElitePlane offers high quality solutions at cost effective budgets covering the full spectrum of CyberSecurity domains who are mainly focussed on providing secure remote access to resources, apps, and data. You can now bring to your bank an enterprise class cybersecurity solution. ElitePlane offers Cyber Security as a service that you can pay as you go about using it and you can now have a Toolkit that serves a self help portal.