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AAN System’s Cloud Service offerings are designed to enhance your potential to truly take benefits of the cloud. AAN Systems has the hybrid cloud solutions and tools you can trust to help you get the most out of the clouds you use today. Our highly certified experts will work with you to evaluate your cloud needs and application estate, develop a migration roadmap, and optimize operational costs with recommendations to get there. As a result, your organization will benefit from our expertise, save time, money, and IT resources while reducing project risk and downtime.

How the cloud improves user’s lives

A Harris Poll survey noted the top ways the cloud helped to improve users’ lives, including the following:

• 41% percent said the cloud simplified file sharing
• 41% percent stated the cloud brought peace of mind, reducing worries about backing up sensitive data
• 22% percent noted boosted security through cloud usage
• 18% said the cloud helped them stay organized at work
• 14% pointed out that the cloud can increase collaboration among business professionals

Cloud computing has not only revolutionized IT but how businesses operate.

AAN Systems Cloud Computing services help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Our cloud computing specialists focus on reducing risk and decreasing total cost of ownership by combining infrastructure management services with secure cloud practices.

AAN Systems offers a full complement of cloud strategy services to help your organization take full advantage of cloud computing while minimizing costs and reducing risk. Through these professional service offerings, we partner with your organization and provide expertise in selecting a cloud strategy, designing business-grade cloud architectures, simplifying application migration and accelerating cloud adoption.

Migrating enterprise applications to the cloud start with a comprehensive strategy, and success is achieved only through detailed planning and strong technical execution. Our Cloud Migration Services provide guidance on how organizations can adjust their IT processes and compliance procedures to ensure their effectiveness when applied to cloud infrastructure and applications.

AAN Systems cloud management and optimization solutions allow companies to reduce operating and support costs while efficiently maintaining and administering applications with improved service levels.