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CHA(Cyber-Risk Human Awareness)

Our Process begins by training people in various aspects of cyber-risks and evaluates an employee’s readiness by administering “ADAPTIVE” tests based on real life scenarios, that generate an individual and a company wide awareness index, CHAI(Cyber-risk Human Awareness Index). Further using predictive analysis and bench marking algorithm, we grade the company on its Cyber Defense preparedness in comparison to its industry peers. As a next step, we modify the training focus and evaluation tests to increase the index, in effect increasing its overall cyber resilience.

CPRI(Cyber-risk Process Readiness Index)

It is imperative for a company to have well defined process and procedures in place to be able to detect, avoid and react to any cyber threats, our process/software will assist a company through building all the necessary processes in place. Further using intelligent analysis, we will determine the strength of the processes and the organizations adherence to the same to determine the CPRI. Using predictive algorithm, we will benchmark the company with its industry peers. Further guidance is provided to increase the index and in turn enhance the overall cyber resilience of a company.

CTCI(Cyber-Risk Technology Control Index)

Our software/process gathers inputs from a company’s security officer and various software systems to tabulate all the control measures. These measures are validated against the company’s infrastructure and industry standards and a CTCI. Using predictive analysis and knowledge base, suggestions are made to a company to update controls to enhance the overall cyber resilience.